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Please read all information below before applying.

Please note: Paper applications are no longer accepted.  


What is LOGAN Cares

It is help with an unexpected expense. 

LOGAN Cares (Co-workers Assist each other in Rebuilding Employee Stability) provides a way for all of us to help each other with unexpected expenses caused by an event beyond our control. Employees going through a crisis or hardship (emergency situation) may apply for assistance once every 18 months. 


Generally, a check will be cut and mailed directly to the vendor. When possible, the committee will try to pay the vendor via credit card. However, this is not always possible. 

LOGAN Cares will never give funds directly to the employee. 

The frequency of gift, amount, and type of need is at the discretion of the LOGAN Cares Committee. 


How the Cares fund works.

Who can apply?

Any permanent status employee, off probation, who has suffered a financial hardship that could not have been anticipated is eligible to apply.

Who can not apply?

  1. People who are on short-term, long-term disability, worker’s compensation, maternity leave, or FMLA. These employees may apply for assistance the first day they return to work.

Holding Hands

What does the Cares fund cover?

The fund will cover: 

  • Unexpected expenses (emergency only)

    • Examples:

      • Plumbing issue​

      • Car Repair

      • Medical bill

      • Urgent home repair

      • Emergency vet bill

The fund will NOT cover the following:

(This is not a complete list. any expected expense is not covered) 

  • Legal fees

  • Housing

  • Utilities (Gas, water, and electricity only; not cable or internet or phone service)

  • Groceries

  • Bus passes

  • Car Payments

  • Recreational activities

  • Education expense
  • Home renovations

  • Childcare

  • Electronics

  • Cell phones

  • Credit cards 

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How will the money be distributed and how soon? 

The decision to disburse funds will be made by the LOGAN Cares Committee in 1- to 2-weeks unless the request is specified as urgent. Funds will always be paid to the vendor. No money will be given directly to the employee. Be specific about what you need. You MUST supply the vendor’s name and address to be directly paid by LOGAN Cares.

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